Friday, May 14, 2021

2013 USITT Conference and Stage Show About to Light Up Milwaukee

Rob Goodman
Rob Goodman

Syracuse, NY, USA — The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Conference & Stage Expo, taking place in Milwaukee, WI, USA March 20-23 will feature more than 175 Conference Sessions and 200+ exhibiting companies.

Attendees will find learning opportunities in the Light Lab, which utilizes a specially designed hands on immersion into the exciting world of lighting.

Tech Expo is where the industry comes to show unique challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them; using designs and structures to illustrate the complexities of modern theatre and entertainment.

On day 1 of the event, USITT makes sure to start off with bang; delivering leaders of the industry to the forefront in the Keynote Address, where Rob Goodman will explore “The Theatre Artists: Risk vs. Responsibility.”

Can art be created without risk? Where do risk and responsibility collide? Can we be theatre artists without taking risks? Who are theatre artists responsible to?  Themselves?  The audience?  The organization? The Art?

Drawing from his 25 years with First Stage and his experiences as a producer, managing director,  and stage manager, attendees can join Mr. Goodman in a reflection of being a theatre artist: risk vs. responsibility.

Along with these highlights, there will be book signings with the most reputable professionals in the industry; social events to reach out and connect with fellow entertaiment industry members and much more.

Lighting demo in the Light Lab
Lighting demo in the Light Lab

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