Saturday, April 10, 2021

#66: Theatrical Influence and Convergence

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The theatrical haunting of themed entertainment This issue’s bonus distribution diversity reflects our industry • by the Editors

Valley ghouls Los Angeles’ influential haunts industry • by Rick West

Journey to the top The Gateway Arch tram modernization helps preserve a national icon • by Kevin Dazey

Building a better attractions industry in Asia The international adventures of Thomas Megna • by Judith Rubin

Enter Esparza The new SeaWorld is rebranding and reaching out • by Judith Rubin

Greetings Programs Dave Cobb on the TRON legacy • interview by Joe Kleiman

Lorelei Owens at the circus Ringling’s “Out of this World” theater technology • interview by Joe Kleiman

From sawmills to Smurfs Wärtsilä Funa Solutions builds on company’s legacy of innovation and technology • by Martin Palicki

Ford and the Robot Manufacturing Innovation introduces guests to the concept of a breakthrough car model • by Judith Rubin

The whats, whys and hows Ken Saba’s life in media production • interview by Judith Rubin

Of racks and rigs USITT’s commitment to theater technology is evident in their annual conference and trade show • by Joe Kleiman

Fireside chat Martin Palicki visits with Gary Goddard and Taylor Jeffs

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