Thursday, May 6, 2021

7,000 Acre Movie Park Slated For Haikou City, China

Taipei, Taiwan — Want China Times reports on Changchun Film Group’s plans to create a 7,000 acre movie studio and theme park.  The company currently operates the 540 acre Changchun Film Theme Park:

“The film group named the project as ‘Huanqiu 100’ (‘Globe 100’) and dubbed it as a world-class theme park located in the Changliu district on the west side of the provincial capital Haikou.
“With a total capital investment of 43.5 billion yuan (US$6.8 billion), first-phase development will cover 3,600 acres or half of the total area, with test operations set for 2014, according to Guangzhou’s 21st Century Business Herald.
Current Changchun Film Theme Park
“The remainder will be developed in two stages in 2015 and 2016. There will be three theme parks featuring Chinese movies, American movies and European movies. The three festival sites can host international film festivals, international country music festivals, and international special-effects festivals.
“There will be four theme hotels and five film production studios, named respectively after famous directors, actors and actresses, playwrights, producers and agents.
“In addition, there will be six national-grade production bases for animation films, creation of farm-themed films, special-effects films, film shooting, micro-movies, and film-industry education.”

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