Friday, May 7, 2021

Aqua Drag Racer Zooming Into Wet ‘n’ Wild Orlando

Orlando, FL, USA — Scott Fais at News 13 reports:

“On Tuesday, Orlando’s original water park on the north side of International Drive announced a new waterslide would race into Wet ‘n Wild in time for summer. Meantime, in the final months of 2013, Aquatica on the southern end of International Drive began dropping hints of a new attraction in 2014.

“Wet n’ Wild’s new “Aqua Drag Racer” will stand about 60 feet tall and give park guests the chance to race each other through interlocking tunnels and down steep hills, while riding face-first on their stomachs atop a foam mat.  The experience can be compared to the Olympic sport of skeleton, minus the ice.

“The new multi-colored ride will send four passengers through dark tunnels while traveling at 15 feet per second before re-emerging in the sunshine and crossing a finish line.”


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