Monday, May 17, 2021

BaAM Productions develops new digital product to improve online experiences for brands and their fans

BaAM Productions has developed an improved and enhanced way to bring in-person experiences to the digital world.

95% of marketers* report that they are frustrated with some aspect of the digital interactive experience. Among typical requests to enhance these experiences are:

Create more opportunity for engagement

Ensure user-driven flexibility (choose your own journey)

Make it fun

The Virtual FanCon experience is a customizable, digital destination guided by a fully interactive and immersive floor plan. Featuring structured and scheduled programming sessions in a four- to six-hour event window with both planned and surprise WOW moments to ensure that fans are engaged and entertained.

According to BaAM’s VP Strategy and Creative, Gary Myers, “With Virtual FanCon, interaction is fan-driven and provides the freedom for fans to come and go, and to roam through the experience at their own pace and schedule. We’ve allowed ample time for fans to explore, experience and play.”

Virtual FanCon provides the ability to incorporate live programming; to integrate sponsor and partner content and; to deliver a fun and truly immersive digital experience.

BaAM President Annemarie Roe noted, “More than ever our clients’ events need to reach and serve their fan communities – wherever they are. Even post-COVID, Virtual FanCon will allow our clients to extend their reach to those fans who, for any number of reasons, may not be able to attend their IRL experiences. Virtual FanCon brings accessibility and inclusiveness to a new level.”

*Source: Freeman Covid-19 Brand Marketer Pulse Survey W2 May 2020

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