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Chrysler Museum Closes, Merges Assets with Chrysler Foundation

Detroit, MI, USA (December 31, 2012) — The Walter P. Chrysler Museum will write a new chapter as it merges with The Chrysler Foundation effective today.

The Museum’s historic collection of 67 vehicles and displays will be purchased by Chrysler Group LLC, a move that will preserve the Company’s automotive heritage for future generations. The proceeds from the sale along with the remaining cash reserves of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation will be transferred to The Chrysler Foundation where they will support a broad range of charitable community activities and organizations.

“We are very thankful for the generosity of our many members, friends, volunteers and employees and very proud of the Museum’s legacy as an educational and cultural institution,” said Brian Glowiak, President – Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation.

The Museum, opened to the public on October 5, 1999, was the first on-site museum to be built by a North American automobile company.

“Chrysler will continue to share its automobile heritage housed at the Museum with the public during special exhibitions. The existing Museum facilities will also be used to meet Chrysler Group needs,” added Glowiak.

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