Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Dayton Set to Get Funky with New Museum and Arts and Entertainment Complex


Dayton, OH, USA — On Friday, May 3, City of Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell, David Webb and Jennifer Granger of the Dayton Funk Dynasty Group with legendary Funk Artist Thomas Shelby of the Dayton (Fantastic Voyage) group Lakeside made the official announcement that Dayton, Ohio will be the permanent home of the Funk Hall of Fame and Museum

They also released details of the future Funk Entertainment Epicenter that will be only in Dayton, Ohio. The Funk Hall of Fame Museumis Phase 1 of the project. Other developments in include:

• The Grooveline Restaurant (A funk infused and inspired restaurant)
• Funky Walk of Stars (A beautification project in downtown Dayton which will pay tribute to Funk Artists and any significant contributors to Funk Music)
• The Legends of Funk Tour (A world class tour of legendary Funk Bands all in one show)
• Dayton Fly Records ( A record label developing and producing the new funk)
• School of Music and Performing Arts (With emphasis on Funk Music with Funk Artists as mentors and instructors)
• On the One – The Funk Chronicles (A music magazine)
• An annual Funk Awards Ceremony (A red carpet event)
• A Funk Music documentary will be filmed throughout the process with in depth interviews from the legendary Funk Artists and contributors of Funk Music

Mayor Leitzell said Dayton, Ohio will literally be “The Funkiest Place on Earth”!

Thomas Shelby presented the first official artifact from the Lakeside and encouraged other Funk Artists and Bands from around the world to join him.

The Funk Hall of Fame and Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Funk Music.

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