Thursday, May 6, 2021

Digital Camera Evaluation For Large Format Shoots Takes Place at Johnson Space Center

By Joe Kleiman, IPM Online News Editor

Houston, TX, USA (March 13, 2012) Last week, cinematographer James Neihouse (numerous IMAX films including The Dream is Alive and Space Station 3D) and his colleagues were at NASA’s Johnson Space Center to evaluate the newest digital cameras for possible use in large format filming.  An IMAX 1570 film camera was also on hand for use in quality comparison.

All photos are courtesy Neihouse.

Arri ALEXA M with 4:3 sensor
L to R, EPIC, Phantom 65, Alexa M, Sony F65, Canon C300, IMAX Film
L to R – Sony F65, IMAX, Phantom 65, Alexa M, C300, EPIC


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