Thursday, May 13, 2021

Extreme Engineering Showcasing All-in-One Solution for Extreme Adventures at IAAPA Attractions Expo


Penryn, CA, USA — Extreme Engineering now provides multiple attractions, the “high-action adventure™” area, so that clients can offer their customers zip lining, rock climbing, air jumping and other attractions all in one place.

Extreme Engineering, the largest supplier in, zip lines, climbing walls, Extreme Airs™ and adventure products, now offers a new “high-action adventure™” concept. Extreme Engineering customers such as Westgate, Disney, waterparks and resorts can now offer pureplay excitement all in one place! Today Extreme Engineering has multiple high-action adventure™ areas across the globe. Extreme Engineering’s high-action adventure™ area consists of multiple thrilling attractions located all in one place. “High-action adventures™ are the new norm in entertainment. It is designed to keep guests on the property and provide good, clean adventure with memories that will last a life-time,” states Philip Wilson,Vice President of Marketing with Extreme Engineering.

“The high-action adventure™ area is another layer of thrilling activities available for amusement operators. It can be fully themeable, scalable in size and absorb a lot of traffic,” states Wilson. “It’s like a baby-sitter on steroids….when they are done hanging at the pool or riding a roller-coaster they can have more excitement on zip lines, rock climbing and air jumping,” adds Wilson.

Large amusement parks and resorts, such as Westgate, Marriott, Atlantis, Disney and others, are looking for unique entertainment and interactive attractions to provide their guests. The “high-action adventure™” area is one great example of blending entertainment and luxury together. The amusement industry will use creative ways to enhance guest experiences and keep them entertained without going anywhere else. Zip lines and climbing walls are just some of the amenities that they are looking for. “We are now working on several other projects using our high-action adventure™ area,” states Wilson. The high-action adventure™ area model will be on display at this year’s IAAPA located at Extreme Engineering’s booth, 3400.

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