Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Extreme Sports Zone offers BrushBoarding Ramp for enclosed FECs

The design team at Extreme Sports Zone Ltd have removed the barrier for trampoline parks, FEC’s, activity centers and the like to get on board with wave and surfing attractions.

Its engineering and design team have developed a BrushBoarding Ramp that can be carried through standard double doors and assembled at the owner’s location. This makes it the ideal product for those activity centers and FEC’s who might find access into their centers an issue but still want to add new innovative crowd drawing interactive features.

This unique cost-effective attraction can be manufactured to suit just about any location / space available. The low power consumption using an average 12Kw of power, the required readily available 415v power supply puts the ease of installations and the return on investment at the front of the queue.

With the global focus on shareable experiential fitness and in turn good mental health, this safe, fun attraction appeals to all ages and is available with turnkey packages for the owners.

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