Friday, May 14, 2021

Farmer Attraction Development Scares Up New Haunted Dark Ride for Linnanmäki

Linnanmaki ghost ride A

Linnanmäki, Finland’s largest theme park, has opened a new haunted ride ‘Hotelli Kyöpelinvuori’.

Based on the story of an hotel operated and inhabited by witches, the ride is ‘gently frightening’ with touches of humour, giving the ride wide appeal for the Helsinki park’s family visitor profile. The ride replaces an old ghost train which has been a favourite at Linnanmäki over many years, but had become uneconomic to maintain. Technical Director Anssi Tamminen said “I am very pleased with our new ride and our guests have received it well. We had to satisfy guests who wanted something new and exciting, and traditionalists who wanted us to keep the old ride they remembered from when they were children”.

Nick Farmer at Farmer Attraction Development designed and built the complete show, with Gosetto providing new cars and track. Farmer commented “the ride’s name is inspired by Kyöpelinvuori, a place of legend in Finland where annoying elderly relatives are taken and pushed off a cliff. As a grandparent myself, I am hoping this doesn’t give young guests any ideas!”

The ride features a laser spell fight between the witches and an intruding wizard, video effects and plenty of traditional scares. The ride system is by Gosetto, and includes a back poke, vibration and wind effects.

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