Thursday, May 6, 2021

Former Cosmosphere IMAX Becomes Single Projector Digital Dome Theater

New Interior of  Carey Digital Dome Theater.  Courtesy Kansas Cosmosphere.

Hutchinson, KS, USA — LF Examiner reports on a new IMAX to digital dome conversion: 

“Kansas Cosmosphere has become the first GS dome theater to replace its film projector with a single digital projector. The new system uses a 4K Barco DCI-compliant projector and a custom lens.

“The Wells Fargo Cinedome [a former Iwerks 8/70 dome] in Sioux Falls, SD, will be the second theater to implement this system, later this week. Its dome is 60 feet, compared to the 44-foot dome in Hutchinson.

“Both systems were installed by E&E Theater Services.”

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