Thursday, May 6, 2021

Heide Park Resort’s New Operations Director Starts Off New Season of “Undercover Boss”

Soltau, Germany–  The first show of the new season of Undercover Boss premiered Monday on the RTL network.   The first boss of the season was Stephi Hopp (44) who spent her first week as Operations Director at Heide Park Resort undercover.  As Operations Director, Stephi Hopp reports directly to Sabrina de Carvalh, Chairman of the Board of the Heide Park Resort.

Stephi Hopp undertook the role of Ute Hammann. In her hotel room, a makeover took place, replacing her usual business look and exchanging it for casual clothes, ponytail, glasses and pink Crocs.  After she completed her work in the UK and Ireland, where she was responsible for multiple attractions of the Merlin Entertainments Group, she spent her first week in Germany with her ​​new undercover identity at Heide Park Resort. She worked as a ride operator, in the Burger stand in the park and tried to be a pirate in the children’s entertainment area of the Pirate hotel. Also, she became an assistant to the carpenter of the highest wooden roller coaster in Europe, Colossos, climbing up to 60 meters into the air, all despite her tremendous fear of heights. At the end of the “experiment,” the secret was revealed and the new boss gave her true identity.

The Heide Park Resort opens on 29 March with the premiere attraction of the new season, Germany’s First Wing Coaster.

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