Thursday, May 6, 2021

Holiday World Removing Giraffica Flume Ride From Splashin’ Safari

Santa Claus, IN, USA (April 18, 2014) — Holiday World has confirmed on its park blog that Giraffica, the Intamin Hyper Splash that opened in 2009 as Pilgrim’s Plunge in the Thanksgiving section of the theme park is being removed.  In 2013, the ride was rezoned to the waterpark and renamed Giraffica.  According to the park’s blog:

“. . . it’s time for us to let you know that Giraffica, the ride formerly known as Pilgrims Plunge, is no more. The tower is being removed this week.

“If you’re one of our super-fans, you’re probably not surprised. You’ve noticed the ride has not been open as often as we all would have liked. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment.”

The flume ride featured a 135 foot vertical elevator lift, culminating in a chute with a 45-degree drop.


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