Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Vampire Ghost Town to Anchor Holiday Park’s New Sky Scream Coaster

[quote]After an extensive investment over the last two years in the field of family entertainment, the new attraction was the logical next strategic development in the amusement park, keeping it attractive to the target group of young visitors and thrill fans. [/quote]

Hasloch, Germany — From the ground , you can already anticipate the adrenaline that a ride on Holiday Park’s new roller coaster “Sky Scream” will produce. The 8 million euro coaster rises 55 meters high, from where it will go straight down starting in Spring 2014.

“What we have done with ‘Sky Scream’ as a European premiere remains true to our principles, continually surprising our visitors with unique innovations, ” says Park Manager Bernd Beitz .


“Sky Scream” made ​​by ” Premier Rides ” (USA) combines several elements that will delight roller coaster fans worldwide : a total of three times the passengers experience a so-called “Launch” ( catapult launch ) out of the station – both forward and backward . A breathtaking looping and vertical fall and rapid accelerations make the unforgettable riding experience near perfect.  The intense peak of the new attraction is a “Slow Motion” manouver  more than 50 meters in the air : in slow motion, the thrill fans go headfirst through a twist before dropping again almost straight down.


The launch coaster is at the heart of a new 5,000 m2 area themed around the dark world of the undead and vampires. A deceptively designed, semi- derelict ghost town with an eerie station building , a “Fear Snack” and a souvenir shop compliment the new “Sky Scream.” Construction Director Luc Van der Biest says : “The new roller coaster is a masterpiece of technical know-how . With this new section , we will complete in a later phase , it is given a coherent framework that will do it justice . ”


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