Saturday, May 15, 2021

IMERSA Summit 2014 to Conclude With 8K Fulldome Event in Boulder

Hear from the early adopters and suppliers of 8K fulldome and see it for yourself!

The grand finale of IMERSA Summit 2014 will take place at Fiske Planetarium, which recently unveiled a new 8K Sky-Skan system. Refreshments, screenings, facility tours and a panel discussion are all on the program.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the first 8K installations in North America up close, and see screenings of 8K content and hear from 8K suppliers and 8K system owners and operators!

Panel Discussion: The Pros and Perils of 8K

Speakers include Chris Maytag (Fiske Planetarium), Patrick McPike (Adler Planetarium), representatives of Sky-Skan, E&S and SCISS – plus others TBD.

After the last Sunday session takes place in Denver, shuttles will take delegates to the Fiske Planetarium, and bring them back at the end of the evening, which will conclude about 11 pm.

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Here’s how Fiske Planetarium describes its new system:

“The University of Colorado’s new Fiske Planetarium fully surrounds audiences with a 65-foot diameter screen, dazzling visuals, and fantastic sound. You are fully surrounded, and the image is equal to 40 Blu-ray players all playing at once! The new star machine, which looks like R2-D2, shows 20 million stars and the Milky Way, the most beautiful indoor sky ever. Late-night laser shows are also offered with our new state-of-the-art laser system.”

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