Monday, April 19, 2021

Impact Attractions launches at IAAPA with world’s first sustainable play attraction


Impact Attractions, a newly formed joint venture between The Weber Group and Infinite Kingdoms including industry attraction leaders Denise Weston, Rick Briggs, Brian Morrow and Janelle Picard, invites guests to “PLAY WITH THE EARTH”.

“As we future cast on what guests and clients will want for new experiences, the idea of developing a play attraction that was based on the goal of net zero energy impact to the earth was born” says Denise Weston inventor of Impact Attractions, “never before has the industry delivered an attraction that allows guests to play with the earth and make a positive impact while being entertained”.

The attraction generates and renews its own energy from solar, wind, water and play. This unique combination of energy sources linked together as a play system is Impact Attraction’s patent pending design. “Bringing together the industries best experts in play, engineering and design allowed us to rapid prototype and come to market with a new experience platform with purpose and meaning” says Brian Morrow, creator of Impact Attractions “the design and fabrication skills of The Weber Group and attraction experience of Rick Briggs and team allows a single source of expertise for clients that is unparalleled”.

With dry park, wet park and public work models, Impact Attractions is the industry’s first step to developing sustainable attractions that can make a positive Impact on the earth.

Impact Attractions are currently available for development with interest already steaming from theme park operators, resorts, zoos and public parks.

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