Monday, May 10, 2021

In Motion Entertainment Creates Black Forest Experience for Busch Gardens’ VERBOLTEN

On May 18, 2012 guests of Busch Gardens Williamsburg were launched into the forbidden Black Forest, which is VERBOLTEN.

“VERBOLTEN is a next generation rollercoaster that incorporates the latest in coaster technology with a storyline inspired by Grimm¹s fairy tales. From VERBOLTEN’s unique free-fall drop to its multiple launch element, Busch Gardens¹ newest thrill attraction is destined to be a favorite among coaster enthusiasts of all ages,” said Park President Carl Lum.

VERBOLTEN takes guests on a country drive through the German town, when all of sudden their GPS goes awry and they find themselves launched into the depths of the Black Forest! The Black Forest, produced by IN MOTION ENTERTAINMENT is an immersive UV dark ride with high impact speeds, expansive scenic detail and supernatural visuals that send passengers twisting and dodging wolves, lightening and the mysterious Spirit of the Forest.

In Motion Entertainment embraced the challenge of creating this one-of-a-kind experience for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Executive Producer and Company President Elizabeth Hansen assembled a team of creative designers, technicians and musicians to bring the story and vision to life. As guests are launched into the show building or Black Forest, they are immediately immersed in the bold colors, surprising special effects and unique soundscape that seems to transport riders into another dimension complete with multiple endings, so each ride is a new adventure. The team at In Motion Entertainment has created another theatrical experience for the entire family.

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