Monday, May 17, 2021

Key Digital’s Compass Control Upgrades Presentation Capabilities at the Atlanta History Museum


Mount Vernon, NY, USA /PRNewswire/ — A recent renovation featuring Key Digital’s Compass Control integration of multi-zone audio, video, lighting and voltage control designed by CDAI and installed by Sound Design and Innovation further enabled the Atlanta History Museum to present the past in ways that were never before achievable with the assistance of cutting-edge technology.

The Atlanta History Museum at the Atlanta History Center is one of the largest history museums in the nation, featuring award-winning signature exhibitions that tell the story of the region’s people, from its earliest settlers to the international city of today.

The application’s requirements were to integrate specialized systems for the Woodruff Auditorium Theater and Atrium, which are utilized for interactive history lessons, lectures, performances, and fundraising events. Additionally, two Member Rooms have been integrated with room combining capabilities. Compass Control software on four iPads and one iPod Touch made controlling this system user-friendly, intuitive, familiar and portable.

Pristine HDMI video was distributed along with RS-232 control on a single CAT6 at distances up to 400ft to multiple projectors and flat panel displays from a centrally located Key Digital IQ Series KD-HD8x8BT matrix switcher utilizing HDBaseT technology. The audio distribution features of KD-HD8x8BT were implemented to de-embed audio and conveniently marry-in with DSP processors.

Aaron Catlin, President of Sound Design and Innovation, commented:  “The introduction of Compass Control has taken control to more advanced levels than ever before.Compass Control is one of the easiest interfaces that I have ever worked with. I experienced a one-day learning curve that in turn, enabled me to program the system in under a quarter of the time compared to competitors with similar capability. Compass Control® delivers real ease of use with capabilities only previously possible from a very small amount of competitors. In fact, for over three years, these competitor control companies have promised updates to their systems but have failed. Key Digital’s Compass Control has beaten them to the curve and in doing so has presented itself as an extremely competitive, completely commercial grade system.”

The Atlanta History Center was very pleased with their new integration system designed by CDAI and installed by Sound Design and Innovation. Their staff has adapted much faster to Compass Control compared to past touch-screen interfaces. They are now looking forward to additional installations throughout their campus to increase the presence of the elegant solutions that have enabled a modern museum that looks to the future while teaching the past.

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