Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Koch Family Delays Opening of Bluegrass Boardwalk to 2014 To Allow Additional Time for Infrastructure Repairs

Natalie and Dan Koch speak with WHAS11 News’ Melissa Swan earlier this month. Courtesy Bluegrass Boardwalk

Louisville, KY, USA (May 30, 2012) — Bluegrass Boardwalk will not be opening in 2013.

Bluegrass Boardwalk, Inc. CEO Natalie Koch asked the Fair Board today to modify the proposed lease to reflect a 2014 opening for the 58-acre park at their next monthly meeting.

“When the park was closed in 2009, needed winter maintenance was not been performed on the rides,” says Koch. “For example, pumps for the water rides were not removed for off-season winterization and inspection. Plumbing and structural infrastructure are in need of extensive repair. Buildings are damaged from leaky roofs. Rides are missing parts. The list goes on and on. We believe 75 percent of the rides will require significant overhaul following in-depth inspection by certified ride experts.”

Koch reports meeting on site with ride manufacturers, who have agreed 11 months is not long enough to open a safe and viable park.

“We will begin work as soon as we have a signed lease,” says Koch. “Until then, the clock is ticking and the park and its rides continue to deteriorate.”

Once a signed lease is in place, Koch says ride experts will begin detailed inspection of all rides.

“Only then will it be determined which rides will be open in 2014,” says Koch. “We have not announced our ride line-up yet, but plan to do so in the fall.”

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