Monday, May 17, 2021

Knoebels Announces 2015 Steel Coaster on Twitter

Elysburg, PA, USA — Justin Strawser reports on the “Impulse” announcement in the Scranton Times-Tribune:

“Knoebels Amusement Resort announced the forthcoming steel coaster via a tweet with a link showing various colorful drawings of a large coaster with a very steep peak in the center.

“The largest hill on Impulse is 98 feet high with a 90-degree incline and drop. Comparatively, the StratosFear is 148 feet high.

“Riders will enter an eight-passenger car – four in the front, four in a slightly elevated back seat. The vehicle will leave the station onto a piece called a top hat, which is a chain lift that will take passengers straight up the 90-degree incline before dropping them down the other side at the same angle, reaching 56 mph.

“The decision to slowly lift the car instead of launching it “is very Knoebels,” public relations manager Joe Muscato said. “They (the riders) are looking straight up at the sky, not knowing when they’re at the top.”

“The 2,000 feet of track will take the riders on 70 seconds worth of thrills and through five different inversions.”


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