Thursday, May 13, 2021

Little People Come to Tampa’s Big Theme Park For Two Days of Shows

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Tampa, FL, USA (Oct. 30, 2013) — For more than five decades, Busch Gardens Tampa has set an industry standard for delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences.  From Nov. 20-21, the park is continuing the tradition by partnering with Fisher Price to welcome Fisher Price presents LIVE FROM LITTLE PEOPLE PLACE.

Fisher Price has stood by their position to celebrate people, places and things through discoveries that spark little stories and big imaginations. Fisher Price presents LIVE FROM LITTLE PEOPLE PLACE will give guests the chance to meet the characters that have been a part of a global brand for more than 54 years.

Kids will get a chance to meet Eddie (high energy & a ready, fire, aim kind of boy), Sofie (fashion experimenter who is curious & questioning), Tessa (the go-getter who loves to twirl), Mia (sensitive & gentle, prim & proper) and Koby (the silly jester, full of cosmic energy) during this live stage show.

The five kid characters are led by their teacher and guide, and through song and dance take the audience on an adventure filled with exploration and discovery. Fisher Price presents LIVE FROM LITTLE PEOPLE PLACE is showing for a limited time at Busch Gardens’ Marrakesh Theater.

During show days, Nov. 20-21, children up to age 9 can come enjoy Fisher Price presents LIVE FROM LITTLE PEOPLE PLACE, along with the rest of Busch Gardens, for free.

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