Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Luci Creative seeks senior project manager

Chicago-based exhibit and experience designer Luci Creative is seeking a senior project manager.

As a qualified candidate you will have the ability to confidently coordinate the execution of our museum and experience design projects from concept to installation. You will have deep knowledge of the experience design development process, execution techniques and strategies, and the challenges and needs of our clients and vendor partners (architects, media/interactive developers, lighting designers, exhibit fabricators, general contactors).

ABOVE: Jewish Baseball Museum, Chicago; TOP: Microsoft Envisioning Center. Images: Luci Creative

A Senior Project Manager at Luci is responsible for ensuring that all projects are on-time, on-budget, provide the best possible client solutions within the budgeted hours allocated, and are executed as promised. They will manage the internal workflow for projects from content development to design to installation. The Senior Project Manager must be able to work well on a team and work on a wide variety of projects in a fast-paced atmosphere. They must also be able to coordinate closely with other trade/vendor partners (architects, enginners, media/AV, IT, general contractors, fabricators) on projects, ensuring full alignment on design development through execution.

A successful SPM will coordinate project execution plans across departments and with internal and external partners. They will facilitate the development and alignment at the beginning of each phase, check-in throughout the phase to ensure progress and deliverables are being met, and agreed on approaches. The SPM will also be responsible for overseeing contract progress, support billing and change order management.

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