Friday, May 14, 2021

Mad Systems Creates New Interactive Exhibit for Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

18Santa Monica, CA, USA — Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit Santa Monica-based organization founded in 1985. Their main mission has always been to fight to make Southern California’s coastal waters and watersheds, including Santa Monica bay, safe, healthy, and clean. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is Heal the Bay’s public marine-education center. The family friendly facility is home to more than 100 species of marine animals and plants found in the Santa Monica Bay.

Heal the Bay is proud to announce that the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium has recently added an exciting new interactive exhibit called ‘Watch Your Water’. Along with Mad Systems Inc. of Orange County, Heal the Bay has developed this exhibit to entertain and enlighten locals and tourists alike on the complex topic of water supply and conservation in Los Angeles. For example, most of Los Angeles’ water comes from up to 450 miles away. The water in Los Angeles is to be appreciated and well cared for so that it may enhance quality of life, and this exhibit is designed to instill a deeper appreciation to anyone who interacts with it.  Guests of all ages are invited to step up and get hands-on.  A 50″ LCD screen is incorporated into a complex set of pipework and asks the guests to answer multiple choice questions about water supply and preservation.

Mad Systems is a technology company specializing in AV systems, interactive exhibits and electro-mechanical exhibits for museum, theme parks, visitor centers and corporate facilities.

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