Thursday, May 6, 2021

Mad Systems Invites Public to Win 3D Print

A working Geneva mechanism from Mad's 3D printer.Orange, CA, USA — Mad Systems has asked us to share the following: 

Last week, our friends at the Smithsonian Institution made history by launching an online, interactive and user-friendly database of 3D scans (models) of some of their artifacts on hand at their museums.

This means you can go online and get up close with some of the coolest items they have in stock. From the Wright Flyer to a Wooly Mammoth, the possibilities are endless. We think the neatest feature is that you can actually 3D print right from this site (assuming that you own a 3D printer).

Don’t own a 3D printer? Well you’re in luck!

For 12 more days, you can go on Mad Systems’ facebook, “like” us, “share” the 3D printing contest photo at the top and vote for your favorite institution or museum to win a 3D print straight from the Mad 3D Printer!

Get your friends, family and fans to vote for your museum or organization because on Black Friday, we’ll be tallying up the votes and whoever’s got the most will be receiving a 3D printed object of their choice just in time for the holidays.

There are some limits to what is possible to print within the 4″x4″x4″ envelope- but if you don’t have something you’ve designed that you’d like to have us print, it’s possible to choose from some pre-designed objects for your very own 3D print!

You only have until Black Friday to get your votes in so remember:

1. Go to Mad Systems’ facebook and “like” us.
2. “Share” the photo at the top
3. Vote for your favorite museum/institution in the comments

Two weeks from today, we’ll be announcing the winner and firing up the 3D printer!

Have a great week!

Mad Systems Inc.

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