Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Malaysian Journalist Previews New LEGOLAND

Project X.  Courtesy LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Johor, Malaysia — Jassmine Shadiq of the New Straits Times had the opportunity to experience the newest LEGOLAND park, opening September 15, with her family as part of a media preview day:

“Though some of the attractions were not fully in operational, yet the young vibrant staff, who are obviously trained well, manage to handle the situation brilliantly. That was a relief, that the staff were well-trained and well-mannered.

“However, the announcements made via the public announcement system, were unclear, due to the diction of the operator. That could be improved, I hope.

“The park’s store, Lego Shop, was well-located and its product awesomely displayed and all, but sadly there was nothing to indicate that the merchandise was purchased at Legoland Malaysia.

‘. . . Overall, I think Legoland Malaysia is going to be a place to be seen at, with its theme-park restaurants serving delicious Malaysian fusion meals, its mini stalls and attractions like the Land of Adventure where fire laser blasters are targeted to those who brave the ancient Egyptian-themed landscape or Lego City, where children get to drive Legoland Cars and get their own licence after completing the driving test at the school.

“There is also the Lego Technic, where one races along ‘The Project X’ for the greatest action experiences, or Lego Kingdom where one conquers the Dragon Coaster that romps through the hideaways, and ride astride the Royal Joust, among others.

“But at the Miniland, there is an urgent need for the theme park management to have signboards to inform visitors, mostly youngsters, what they are looking at.”

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