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MediaMation Signs Additional Hollywood Studios for 4D Cinema Experiences


CinemaCon – Las Vegas, NV  (April 18, 2013) — MediaMation announces that Sony Pictures International Releasing and Warner Bros. Pictures International have committed on a non-exclusive basis to release certain of their respective titles in the X4D® format, in each case subject to reaching terms with the exhibitor(s).

Earlier this year, MediaMation launched the X4D® Motion EFX format into the cinema marketplace with a planned roll-out of multiple full auditorium 250+ seat installs for Cinemex, the 6th largest cinema chain in the world, in 2013, featuring a slate of new release films programmed in X4D® format.  More cinema chains worldwide to be equipped with the X4D® technology are to be announced shortly. MediaMation has relationships with all the major studios to provide multiple titles in X4D® format, based on the request and the negotiation between exhibitor and studio.

To date in 2013, the following titles have been released in the X4D® format. More titles to be announced soon.




The X4D® technology offers a 4D cinematic experience that immerses moviegoers into the film’s environment, utilizing a patent-pending air-driven pneumatic system, with a combination of motion seating and effects including air and water blasts, neck and leg ticklers, seat transducer, seat poppers, back pokers and scent.  Atmospheric effects include wind, rain, snow, strobing, fog, and bubbles.  MediaMation offers the cinema marketplace two versions of X4D® Motion EFX seat technology, the 2DOF Cinema Seat (with limited effects and motion) or 3DOF Attraction Seat series (with full effects and motion).

“After twenty years of serving the attraction industry, we are thrilled to be able to bring this new and proven technology to the cinema marketplace.  Audiences the world over have validated 4D as a fun, exciting and interactive form of immersive entertainment.  Cinemagoers will love the opportunity to see their favorite films in X4D,” remarks Alison Jamele, President, MediaMation.


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