Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Museums Victoria seeks design team for Royal Exhibition Building and grounds

Museums Victoria is looking to engage a design team to help develop a plan for the invigoration and protection of one of Australia’s key public precincts, which combines beautiful heritage buildings and gardens, civic and event spaces, architectural icons and vibrant cultural, scientific and educational activity.

Museums Victoria (MV) is custodian for the State Government of the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and grounds (Exhibition Reserve). MV is charged with maintaining the site as part of the World Heritage Management Plan, including regularly updating the Heritage Management Plan, which is appended to and forms part of the World Heritage Management Plan.

Museums Victoria is seeking a framework for the management and improvement of the Royal Exhibition Building and the Exhibition Reserve, which will both fulfil its responsibilities under World Heritage provisions and provide a vibrant, functional environment for the community of Victoria and its visitors to engage with ideas, place and culture. For Museums Victoria this is a key part of its physical spaces, with all of the implicit facility management challenges in presenting events and programs while serving as the entry point to its flagship museum, Melbourne Museum. It is also a key civic space for Melbournians and integral to the Carlton Gardens. While it pays respect to the past, it must continue to serve contemporary society and be maintained for future communities.

The required services will need a multi-disciplinary team comprised of design specialists including architects, heritage consultants, landscape architects and cost planners.

Click here for the Expression of Interest document in pdf. Deadline is October 5, 2020.

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