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Palace Entertainment Adds “Roar-O-Saurus” Wooden Coaster to New Hampshire’s Story Land


Newport Beach, CA, USA (November 20, 2013) — Palace Entertainment has announced the addition of a one of a kind wooden roller coaster at Story Land, Glen, NH, USA during the 2014 IAPPA Attractions Expo.  Joining Story Land’s popular Polar Coaster, the new coaster, designed and built for Story Land’s unique natural setting by The Gravity Group, LLC in Ohio, will be the only wooden roller coaster of its kind in northern New England.  The coaster, named “Roar-O-Saurus” is the major component of Story Land’s new Dinosaur themed section of the park.

“This unique wooden coaster will provide children of all ages the experience and memory of riding their first ‘big’ coaster with Mom or Dad, or vice versa,” explains Story Land’s General Manager Eric Dziedzic.  “Our niche in the theme park industry has always been young families with children 2-12.  Our new coaster will expand that demographic slightly and add to the family memories created here in the Land Where Fantasy Lives.”

Roar-O-Saurus, with a colorful train of 12 passengers will be led by Story Land’s newest family member, “Rory” the little Dino with the big roar!  The coaster has a lift height of 40 feet (providing a spectacular view of the surrounding area), sends riders soaring down a first drop of 38.5 feet, features 1,242 feet of track length, and provides riders 12 unique airtime moments.  For the safety of all riders, children must be at least 42” tall to ride.


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