Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Site-based special effects house PeopleVisionFX celebrates 30th anniversary

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of PeopleVisionFX. Founded in 1991 to produce site-based special effects, the company has created award-winning presentations for theme parks, trade shows, and museums around the world.

PeopleVisionFX technologies include a unique process for 3-D video projection. In this process, a contoured signal is matched with a dimensional screen producing a projection in any three-dimensional shape. A key product of this technology is the SpokesMannequin®, a mannequin with a dimensional “headscreen” that resembles a simplified human face. Dimensional software of an individual is matched with the headscreen to deliver a moving, three-dimensional image that recreates the voice, likeness and expressive nuances of a live presentation.

Another product of this system for three-dimensional projection, the Anatomical VideoSculpture™ is a life-sized human projection that “opens up” to reveal various internal organs. The presentation can also display actual surgical footage along with mechanism of action animations.

The MagicBook™ can tell a story through the power of dimensional projection. A visitor can magically turn the pages of a sculpted book with a simple gesture. In addition to text, the Magic Book can display pictures that can come to life as moving images. The display is inherently interactive and can be produced in virtually any size.

PhotonOpticon™ technologies are hologram-type effects from PeopleVisionFX. Unlike ordinary holograms, PhotonOpticon images are able to move and to incorporate synchronized audio.

In spite of the challenges of 2020, PeopleVisionFX President, Wayne Sullivant is looking forward to an exciting future. “Our clients are among the brightest, most resourceful people on Earth. We’re looking forward to working together with them to create experiences that audiences will never forget.”

PeopleVisionFX clients have included Warner Bros., Singapore Chemistry Museum, Foxwoods Casino, Seville World’s Fair – Xerox, NASA, Knott’s Berry Farm, National Science Center, Hard Rock Theme Park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Miss America Organization, Busch Gardens, Cowboy Hall of Fame, Hong Kong Science Museum, IBM, Singapore Art House, The Money Museum, Ford Motors, MGM Grand, and The US National Demonstration Lab.

For more information, contact Wayne Sullivant at [email protected], (973) 509-2056, or www.peoplevisionfx.com.

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