Thursday, May 6, 2021

ProSlide Introduces Two Person PIPELineWAVE With TORNADO Technology


Ottawa, ON, Canada — ProSlide introduces the PIPElineWAVE, their latest application of the revolutionary TORNADO technology, the patented reducing radius and upwardly-closing funnel shape.

Riders start in single or double tubes through an enclosed, narrow PIPEline in-run before they are dropped into the WAVE. This 2-person, wall-style ride was developed from the award-winning TORNADO and has the same thrilling, zero-gravity sensations that are unique to ProSlide funnel attractions.


Award-winning heritage. The world’s only curved-wall rides are based on the ProSlide TORNADO, winner of IAAPA’s Industry Impact Award & many Best New Ride Awards. They are an innovation breakthrough over the wide, flat walls of older rides which are more expensive to produce; have a slower, straight up-and-back-down ride path; and can’t deliver a safely consistent exit.

Predictable ride path. On ProSlide wave-walls, riders feel the longest hang times and zero g-forces as they sweep up and across the wall, virtually defying gravity before sweeping back down and exiting into a narrow out-run. The thrill is maximized with in-runs and out-runs that include banked curves, dips and turns.


Smaller footprint. A predictable ride path means there’s no need for the wide walls of previous wall-style rides.  Not only will the PIPElineWAVE fit into tighter spaces, it also uses less fiberglass & steel than flat-wall rides.  It’s the perfect attraction for a custom complex, where several rides are centralized on one tower to increase capacity even more as well as save money & space.

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