Tuesday, May 11, 2021

ProSlide Wins Leading Edge Award from WWA


Ottawa, ON, Canada — “With Splash & Spa Tamaro, we’ve achieved our goal of creating one of the most unique indoor facilities in Europe”, says Dr. Anton Hoefter, owner, Alpamare and operator of Splash e Spa. “We’re thrilled with the rides ProSlide has built for us and are so proud that they’ve been recognized as world leading.”

At 10,000 square meters, Splash & Spa Tamaro is the largest waterpark/spa complex in the Alps. What truly sets it apart is the combination of an ultra-modern waterpark – with the very latest in ride technology – and one of Europe’s most luxurious spas. It offers the widest range of entertainment, leisure and wellness activities under one roof.

Splash & Spa includes some of the most innovative water rides in the industry: a ProSlide custom complex that includes a TORNADO 45, TORNADO 12, PIPEline, TurboTWISTER & a double TWISTER mat ride on a single tower.  This combination of rides is perfect for every demographic. They offer massive capacities (up to 1,080 riders/hour); a wide range of thrill levels and the kind of impact that drives attendance and guarantees repeat visits.


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