Thursday, May 6, 2021

ScareAtorium in Ohio Introduces Haunt “Speed Dating”


Columbus, OH, USA — The Northland Asylum at the ScareAtorium is introducing Speed Dating with our patients. Guests will have 3 to 5 seconds of brief conversation with our confined patients in their cells as you traverse the halls of the Asylum. Doctor Collins, Operator of the Northland Asylum; said “While we don’t normally encourage visitors to engage in conversation with our demented patients, most of our patients probably won’t be aware of your presence, but we feel the public might enjoy the possibility of meeting someone with similar interest.”…

Doctor Collins, emphasized “Asylum guards will be present to attempt to ensure the safety of our guests and patients during your tour.” He went on to say “Guards will endeavor to contain our patients and prevent any additional activity, but guests must sign a release form before entering the Asylum.”

The Northland Asylum at the ScareAtorium will be open Thursday through Sunday nights. See the website Columbus Haunted House for hours of operation (includes speed dating) and directions. The Northland Asylum has been resurrected on the former site of this once horrid hospital (circa 1899 to 1956). The original Asylum was condemned and demolished after Dr Robert Collins died, but his family has rebuilt the Asylum on the former grounds. Artifacts and video footage from the original Asylum are on display in the entry foyer.

This is a very scary attraction. The Northland Asylum is not recommended for anyone with a heart condition, pregnancy or mentally challenged individuals.

The Northland Asylum at the ScareAtorium is located at 2605 Northland Plaza Drive, Columbus, Ohio. It’s on the Southeast corner of East Dublin Granville Road/Rt 161 and Cleveland Ave.

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