Friday, May 7, 2021

Shedd Aquarium Welcomes Newest Rescue Dog as Aquarium Amabassador

Chicago, IL, USA — Shedd Aquarium, an international leader in animal rescue and rehabilitation, welcomes Marlin, a male Labrador mix adopted through local pet rescue partner, Chicago Canine Rescue. Turning two years old next month, the energetic pup joins three rescue dogs comprising Shedd’s furry family: Bruce, a male pit bull mix; Coral, a female Airedale mix; and Dory, a female Shepherd mix.

Since December 2013, Marlin has been working with a team of Shedd trainers. Beginning this spring, he will
serve as an aquarium ambassador, engaging guests as they wait in line or during meet-and-greet opportunities.

Shedd’s four-legged friends continue connecting guests to living world, highlighting the “Shedd Way” of
training and demonstrating how each of us can build strong relationships with the animals in our lives.

Bruce, Coral and Dory Indoors 3

Last summer, Shedd Aquarium introduced three rescue dogs in its aquatic show, “One World,” which
celebrates the human connections with all animals and demonstrates the “Shedd Way” of animal care through positive reinforcement. The multi-species aquatic show – featuring dolphins, belugas and other marine mammals – focuses on the interconnectivity of the living world and the impact we have on our shared environments.

Narrated videos spotlight Shedd’s rescue and rehabilitation work alternating between animal interactions with trainers, including sessions with the aquarium’s four-legged friends. Throughout the show, guests will understand the significance of the individual roles we play in conservation and care for animals in the wild and at home.

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