Monday, May 10, 2021

Skypoint Planetariums Appointed as European Representative for E&S

184749_10150092672311288_4433952_nSalt Lake City, UT, USA — Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S), the manufacturer of the Digistar® 5 digital planetarium system is pleased to announce the appointment of Skypoint Planetariums as the E&S European representative.  According to E&S Vice President and General Manager, Kirk Johnson, “Skypoint Planetariums has a strong knowledge of astronomy and a very impressive number of planetarium installations. Their experience and excellent customer service will enable us to better serve the European community. Skypoint will help our European customers with their system upgrades and new construction projects.  Marco and his team bring both experience and a passion for astronomy”.

“Digistar has a strong 30 year history with digital planetariums, and Digistar 5 has the most intuitive user interface of any digital planetarium system,” says Marco Cosmacini, Skypoint CEO. “The Skypoint Planetariums team will provide support to existing Digistar sites as well as expand the business throughout Europe. We are excited to be part of the E&S Digistar team. With Digistar, we finally have access to the most advanced and easy-to-use product for our customers.”

Skypoint Planetariums is a division of Skypoint srl., has specialized in astronomy since 1999. In addition to planetariums, the Astronomy division has achieved more than 80 professional telescope installations in Europe and thousands of public and private customers.  The Planetariums division has become well known in Europe, specializing in services for planetariums, with 43 digital planetarium installations since 2007.

Skypoint Planetariums is a system integrator. Skypoint selects the best product combinations to offer to their customers and has a wide range of solutions available to meet any customer need.

Skypoint also manufactures Tecno Dome, a cost effective solution that offers a professional quality projection surface with innovative materials.  Visit the new website for Skypoint Planetariums at

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