Sunday, May 16, 2021

PGAV Destinations Provides Enhanced Theming to Holiday World

[quote]We are excited to add to the magic our park has offered since we opened as the very first theme park back in 1946.” — Matt Eckert, Parks President[/quote]Santa Claus, IN, US — Visitors to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari will be treated to enhanced theming in the parks this season.

“Holidays are so magical and fun,” says the parks’ president, Matt Eckert. “Starting this season, we plan to amp up the experience families have with us by adding more theming throughout the park.”

Eckert says Holiday World is partnering with PGAV Destinations, a design firm in St. Louis, for several projects for the 2014 season:


— Wildebeestro restaurant in Splashin’ Safari – a “grab and go” food outlet serving wraps, seafood, salads, fruit and more


— Safari Outpost shop in Splashin’ Safari – one-stop shopping, with swimwear, sundries and souvenirs


— New interior and exterior designs for Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen in Holiday World’s Christmas section – sweets and treats, plus a new home for visits with Santa Claus

Eckert says PGAV’s experience with theme and water parks such as SeaWorld and Universal Studios helped to make their design team the right choice for Holiday World.

“PGAV is in tune with the story we want to tell,” says Eckert.

Holiday World opens for the season on May 3 with the premiere of the Mayflower swinging ship ride.

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