Saturday, April 10, 2021

Teq4 launches ScreenTeq™ with Motionflex™ moving LED screen technology

Martin Howe, CEO of Teq4 states: “After all these years of waiting, just wondering what the future will hold, we’re here.”

The landscape of retail and themed entertainment is already starting to look completely different. Buildings are no longer static, statues can move, experiences are more immersive than ever before. This is all because LED screens now move to match the content that they are displaying-breathing life into what was previously a flat, static landscape. Billboards are no longer stand-alone rectangles; they are tailored, moving configurations of LED. Screens are anthropomorphic, vivid animations have leapt out and become a living, dynamic aspect of the environment around us.

This is all possible because of ScreenTeq™ with Motionflex™,  a flexible LED screen technology that can be manipulated into almost any shape and curvature, and programmed to move to match the content that it is displaying.

Teq4 rolled out their very first live demonstration of ScreenTeq with Motionflex at IAAPA Orlando 2019 and it was received incredibly well. They saw lots of visitors coming up with fantastic concepts for how they would use our dynamic LED screen technology right there on the spot, within moments of seeing it for the first time.

With ScreenTeq™ with Motionflex™, Teq4 can build almost any shape or configuration of LED screen, and screens that can move.

“We invite you to embark on this exhilarating journey into the future of screen technology with us,” says Martin Howe, “Come to us with your most daring, bold, concepts and we will bring them to life, pixel by moving pixel.”

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