Friday, May 7, 2021

TRIOTECH Ships 1000th Typhoon Coin-op Simulator

[quote]Today, the Typhoon remains a solid part of our portfolio” — Ernest Yale, President and CEO of TRIOTECH[/quote]

Montreal, QB, Canada — Montréal based TRIOTECH, a leader in out-of-home multimedia immersive and interactive attractions, has hit another landmark by shipping its 1,000th unit of its perennial best seller Typhoon coin-op simulator. This coincides with the 2014 AMOA Amusement Expo and IAAPA’s FEC Conference, which both took place this month in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

The Typhoon has been the cornerstone coin-op product for TRIOTECH in the Amusement segment particularly for Family Entertainment Centers. It allowed TRIOTECH to develop technology that was ground-breaking at the time and that even today is often imitated but never quite equalled. “They say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery” said Ernest Yale, President and CEO of TRIOTECH.

The first Typhoons came on the market in December 2008. Its motion technology has been a springboard for TRIOTECH’s expansion into larger footprint attractions such as its XD Theater, its award winning XD Dark Ride, and Interactive Dark Rides. “ added Mr. Yale. The Typhoon is an ultimate coin-op immersive mini-attraction that offers exclusive motion and wind special effects that deliver a fun thrill for guests of all ages.

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