Monday, April 19, 2021

Turbo Track Takes Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Riders Above the Roof

Turbo Track, a new coaster that launches guests along an illuminated track that punches through the glass funnel at the center of the park, climaxing with a twisting peak above the famous Ferrari World Abu Dhabi red roof.

George Walker

“The fun is just the cool and amazing fact that you are traveling on a coaster through Ferrari World itself, and then shooting up through the famous red roof, and back again,” George Walker, Creative Director for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Phase II expansion, explains.  “But we also worked hard to make the experience fun for everyone, even those not brave enough to ride.  So we designed a giant, overhanging observation deck that offers spectacular views of the park, and even has a glass floor with a view to the track below.  This way you can watch the coaster shoot beneath your feet and out over the entire park.  After that you’ll head down a dramatic, illuminated spiral staircase that together forms a pretty iconic structure within the park that is just plain fun to walk down.”

The design of Turbo Track offered another challenge.  “This coaster is inside an elegant building, so I felt we needed to respect that.  This led to the elaborate track covering that makes the coaster look more like a futuristic shuttle gliding along a chute of light.  The chasing LEDs that follow along with the vehicle turn the attraction into a mini “show” for those watching from below.  In this way, we took the concept of dropping a giant, clunky steel coaster into the middle of this elegant theme park, and turned it into a dazzling show piece that is fun to watch and illuminates the entire space with color and energy.”

George Walker continues to contribute to the Ferrari World expansion project as Creative Director while transitioning to his new role with Dynamic Attractions.

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