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VenueMagic to Power Effects in Interactive Haunted House Showcase at Transworld’s Halloween and Attractions Show

VenueMagic SC+ 2.5
VenueMagic SC+ 2.5

Agua Dulce, CA, USA (March 4, 2013) VenueMagic will be on display at TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show March 7th-10th in St. Louis, MO.

In addition to being on the show floor in Booth #414, VenueMagic will be controlling scenes at the Interactive Haunted House on the show floor. The Interactive Haunted House Showcase provides the opportunity to experience vendor products first-hand in a themed environment.

The Haunted House consists of six different scenes and VenueMagic will be controlling multiple foggers, hazers, and a snow machine throughout all the scenes.  The city back alley scene will showcase VenueMagic controlling the entire scene’s lighting, audio, and video. A MIDI keyboard will also be set up to display “on demand ” triggers such as house lights, blackout, master dimmers, and other effects as well as an “emergency timeline”, used in the case of emergencies at a venue.

“There’s no better  way to show what VenueMagic can do than seeing it in action,” explains Vice President of Sales Barry Seiden. “The Interactive Haunted House is an exciting and fun way to show off VenueMagic’s show control capabilities.”

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