Friday, May 7, 2021

VIDEO: Schlitterbahn Kansas City to Open World’s Tallest and Fastest Waterslide

Kansas City, MO, USA — Verrückt, designed and built by Schlitterbahn Development Group for Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, breaks the record for the World’s Tallest Waterslide, a record which was held by Kilimanjaro at Aguas Quentes Country Club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Kilimanjaro has held the record since 2002.

Description: Verrückt combines a breathtaking drop with an uphill blast on a hill that’s over 50 feet high. Four riders on a specially designed raft will plummet down the equivalent of a drop from a 17 story building – exact height will be announced at an official measuring event Spring of 2014.

Background: Verrückt, which translates from German as “insane,” was developed by Waterpark innovator Jeff Henry. Henry holds numerous patents for ride innovations and has brought inland water surfing, uphill water coasters and endless tube rides to the industry. The Henry family operates four Schlitterbahn parks around the country.

Ride Height: To Be Announced

Ride Fiberglass Length: 601 feet

Top Deck Size: 30’ x 34’

Length of Aluminum Railings: 977 linear feet

Uphill Section: 1

Stairs to climb: 264

Stairway Length: 443 linear feet

Other: The tower of the ride is constructed from railroad tanker cars that have been cut and welded into a single vertical tower. The ride required advanced sensor and nozzle technology as well as a robust conveyor system never before built.

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