Thursday, May 6, 2021

Vitala Developing Waterpark and Sports Complex in Mongolia

London, UK — Mongolian M&G Construction, LLC has announced their intention to construct and manage a multi-purpose themed leisure attraction project in Ulaanbaatur, Mongolia. For this purpose, they have contracted the services of the Vitala Group of Companies, international developers, managers, consultants to the leisure, tourism and themed entertainment industry. The project, currently referred to as the Shonkhor Tower Waterpark Sports Complex, will be comprised of various sports and entertainment, health and wellness components, in indoor/outdoor waterpark, and numerous family lodging elements. All project components will be designed for an all season/all weather period. Vitala’s miltinational team carried out extensive  site visits in September of 2012, and will complete all marketing and feasibility research, architectural design, project components composition and will provide full project funding. The project will be 100% Mongolian owned and managed, and will provide an estimated 1,000 new employment opportunities for Ulaanbaatur residents. Project costs are estimated at US$200-250 million. the Shonkhor Tower Waterpark and Sports Complex is scheduled to open to the public in the summer of 2016.
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