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World’s Largest Flatline Loop Waterslide Opens in Maine

Richmond, BC, Canada (June 26, 2012) – – WhiteWater is pleased to announce the opening of the world’s first Flatline Loop! Debuting at Funtown Splashtown USA, in Maine, this exciting new attraction brings together a true combination of sensations!.

The rider climbs into the AquaLaunch at the top of the tower… waits anxiously for the countdown…3!…2!…1!… then plummets into a heart-stopping 60 foot (18 m) freefall… then speeding into a looping waterslide at 26 feet per second (9 meters per second) before a final splash into the shutdown lane!

The Flatline Loop is made of SilkTek™Translucent, clearly the world’s finest fiberglass! Our Translucent waterslide technology has been developed to produce unparalleled clarity and strength, providing riders and spectators alike with a unique ‘wow!’ experience.

SilkTek™ is an IAAPA award-winning innovation where a closed-moulded process is used to engineer the ultimate opaque or translucent fiberglass waterslide – smooth on both sides, visually appealing and requiring little maintenance.

The Flatline Loop is so translucent that spectators can watch as riders race through the attraction!

While the new Flatline Loop is the highlight, this tower also offers a 4-lane Whizzard mat racer and an AquaDrop. All attractions were designed and manufactured by WhiteWater.

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