Sunday, April 11, 2021

TEA SATE 2017 Sessions and Speakers Announced


Confirmed sessions and speakers for TEA SATE 2017 Los Angeles, Oct 5-6 at CalArts, are listed below. SATE is the definitive conference on Experience Design, presented by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). (Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience.) Theme: The Future of Immersive Realities.

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  • Data Hacked Creative: The Future of Immersive Reality – AMY BLACKMAN, Contend Immersive – “A.I. sourced data is
    driving the future of immersive experiences. To survive and thrive, the Themed Entertainment Industry needs to utilize ‘Data Hacked Creative.'”
  • Immersion and Theming: Shifting Paradigms– DANNY BYERLEY, On Track Themes – “The industry’s shifting design paradigm creates a fundamental difference between the concepts of immersion and theming, shaping the stories we tell and the art form itself.”
  • Think Small: Lessons in Engagement from Immersive and Extreme Theater – DAVID RUZICKA, Gryffon Creations LLC – “Themed entertainment developers spend millions engaging guests. Enter the strange world of immersive theater, where engagement is being re-imagined at a fraction of the expense.”
  • Westworld – HBO’s theme park of the future as inspiration, prediction and cautionary tale – BRENT YOUNG & ROBERT COKER, Super 78; STEVE TEIG, Xperi; JEFF TUCKER, Knott’s Berry Farm; GARNER HOLT, Garner Holt Productions – “The total immersion of Westworld is coming. But when? Experts in A.I., robotics, and themed entertainment discuss the challenges of making a Westworld-type experience real.”
  • How “Millennials” Tell Stories – JASON MCMANUS, Thinkwell Group; CalArts – “An in-depth look at the evolving audience for themed entertainment and the new ways we can use this cultural change to tell better stories.”
  • Spies, starlets and serendipity: The evolution of participatory storytelling – JANET T. PLANET, Fahrenheit 212 – “People dive head first into immersive stories if you leave the right breadcrumbs. Janet T. Planet shares learnings from 20 years choreographing elaborate underground spy adventures.”


  • Bordertowns – Navigating the space between digital and physical experiences – STEVE BOYER, California State University, Long Beach – “Digital spaces are rapidly becoming the dominant mode of interaction with our environment. Hybrid Design is an approach to architecture that uses digital technologies to reactivate space.”
  • The Science Future design process for immersive worlds – JOHN SPENCER, Mars World Enterprises – “Creating authentic immersive experiences requires a deep understanding of the invented world and characters. I will present our science future design process for Mars World.”
  • Bringing History Alive – GENEVIEVE ANGIO-MORNEAU, GSM Project – “Design and technology makes research into our past come alive in history and archaeological museums, cultural venues and observation decks.”
  • Pushing Immersion – JOHN ZALLER, Imagine Exhibitions – “Exploring the cross disciplinary collaboration and mix of existing and new technologies that bring film IP off the screen and into the Museum.”


  • Flash! Boom! Pfft! The intersection of art and technology in storytelling – DAREN ULMER, Mousetrappe; JON BAKER, Jon Baker Productions; LISA PASSAMONTE GREEN, Visual Terrrain – Technology plays an important role in the art of storytelling. This dynamic panel discussion will look at the modern technology tools to create truly immersive experiences.
  • Trying Things Together – JON SNODDY, Walt Disney Imagineering – “Building a Living World by Connecting all the Pieces”






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