Saturday, April 10, 2021

MediaMation Showcasing REATIVr Virtual Reality Gaming System at IAAPA Attractions Expo

Orlando, FL, USA — Come by Booth #649 at IAAPA 2015 to check out MediaMation’s proprietary REACTIVr™  Virtual Reality gaming system. A ground-breaking hybrid of a ride and video game, it represents the culmination of decades of advances in attractions and consumer electronics technologies.Two-player teams must work together to defeat their opponents in an intensely immersive and competitive battle; it’s much more than a simple “shooting gallery” experience.  REACTIVr™ can attract a whole new genre of gamers for theme parks, arcades, FECs and more.

A  first of its kind, multi-player interactive Virtual Reality full motion experience, REACTIVr™ is housed  in a themed two-passenger multi-sensory pod. This revolutionary gaming attraction utilizes MX4D® motion EFX technology with MediaMation’s new gaming physics engine to “react” in real time to onscreen action (barreling over hills, motoring through water puddles,  etc.), as opposed to running a pre-set program.

According to Mediamation, REACTIVr™  promises a more exciting, fun, and realistic experience for gamers of all levels – and greater ROI for game operators.

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