Sunday, June 4, 2023

#96 – Branding and licensing, advanced technology and more!

On the cover

Astra Lumina opened in the fall of 2022 at Anakeesta in Tennessee, USA. The evening experience, created by Moment Factory, asks “What would happen if the stars reached for us?

Table of contents

Editorial: We’ll see you at Licensing Expo and InfoComm

by Judy Rubin, Editor

Editorial: The industry returns to Asia

by Martin Palicki, Publisher

Up and away In flying theaters and media-based attractions, Brogent soars

by Kevin Dazey

Full access to the toybox Attractions Technology Lab and the power of synchronization

by Joe Kleiman

Lighting up the night Anakeesta’s Astra Lumina welcomes visitors from all over, including the sky

by Martin Palicki

The Elumenati marks 20th anniversary Combining powerful tech and simple design for immersion and interactivity

by Wendy Grant

Fun and games Hasbro dramatically expands its global LBE portfolio

by Becci Knowles

Navigating LBEs and branding with Bay Laurel Advisors It’s a jungle out there, and you need a guide

by Gene Jeffers

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