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A Tropical Cove Comes In With the Tide at Detroit’s Michigan Science Center

[quote]It is always a wonderful experience when we can create an exhibit in combination with a new film; we find that people are more engaged when you combine the two elements.” — Dr. Tonya Matthews, President and CEO of the Michigan Science Center[/quote]

Detroit, MI, USA /PRNewswire/ — The Michigan Science Center (MiSci) is excited to announce its new fun and interactive exhibit, “Stingray Cove” and the IMAX movie, “Journey to the South Pacific.” Through Aug. 31, 2014, museum guests will explore the tropics and learn about the amazing sea creatures that live in and around coral reefs.

Upon entering the hands-on exhibit, visitors will encounter three saltwater touch tanks filled with sea creatures such as starfish, shrimp, crabs, sea anemones and more. A fourth freshwater touch tank will give visitors the rare chance to interact with baby freshwater stingrays from the Amazon River.  A highlight of “Stingray Cove” will be the 300 gallon freshwater tank giving patrons the chance to gaze at 24-inch Motoro stingrays, Pacu fish, Mono fish and South American catfish, among other interesting sea life.

“Stingray Cove” was designed by MiSci to complement “Journey to the South Pacific” and to provide patrons with a deeper understanding of coral reefs, where they are located, how they benefit the earth and what humans can do to help preserve them. As part of the exhibit, visitors have the chance to create a take-home book about coral reefs and to make their own fossils.

“We are excited to explore this new territory with our visitors who will surely be inspired to learn more about marine ecosystems and how they are impacted by the world we live in,” said Dr. Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of the Michigan Science Center.

The exhibit was made possible by MiSci’s partnership with Lou’s Pet Shop of Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. Lou’s Pet Shop helped to set up the exhibit and supplied all of the sea life, will be providing continued maintenance and care throughout the exhibit’s run and provided additional financial support to make this a memorable experience for all museum guests.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with MiSci in order to create this unique experience. The exhibit really brings the film to life by giving movie goers a chance to engage with the creatures they see up on the screen,” said Donnie Cook, owner of Lou’s Pet Shop. “My hope is that people will walk away from ‘Stingray Cove’ with a greater appreciation for coral reefs and how important they are to our planet.”

Thanks to the generosity of Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Children’s Museum, the exhibit will also feature cases of coral reef artifacts, including a mounted Marlin and Hammerhead Shark. Some of these artifacts are available for closer inspection on tables set up throughout the exhibit. Kids also will have a great time building sand castles as part of the exhibit experience.

A visit to “Stingray Cove” is not complete without a trip to the new IMAX film “Journey to the South Pacific.” This film takes movie goers on an expedition to one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on earth, Bird’s Head Seascape, Indonesia. Audiences will follow Jawi, a young island boy, as he explores this exotic undersea wonderland. Narrated by Cate Blanchett, “Journey to the South Pacific” is a magnificent and inspiring story about the planet.

PHOTO Courtesy Michigan Science Center.


Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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