Thursday, April 22, 2021

Allison Transmission Provides Smooth Ride Through Germany’s Historic Warsteiner Brewery

[quote]During product development, we had to mind a narrow width as well as high traction and towing capacity. In addition to optimal body mounting suitability, a low frame height and easy handling were important factors.” — Christian Huber, Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH[/quote]

Warstein, Germany – Since 1753, Warsteiner Brewery has produced its world-renowned Pils beer. Now, as one of the largest privately-owned breweries in Germany, about 50,000 guests come to its visitor attraction annually, touring the 119-acre facility aboard a 95 ft-long, three-car, rail-less tram.

The company has been using trams since the 1970s, which is unique in Germany. Recently, the brewery specified a new, third generation tram and towing unit based on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 922 AF chassis equipped with an OM 924 LA four-cylinder engine. Importantly, the new tram featured a fully automatic transmission from Allison Transmission. This was not only to give guest groups of up to 28 tons (when fully occupied) a very quiet and comfortable ride during the one hour round trip but to tackle steep hills and tight passages.

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From “Warsteiner World” with multimedia theater and museum, a three-mile-long visitor’s show-jumping course leads across the premises with inclines of up to 10 per cent which is typical for the Westphalia Sauerland region. The biggest challenge for the visitor tram is the tight brew house, which has many narrow doors and gates leaving less than an inch between walls and the 7.5 ft vehicle body. According to Christian Huber from Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, the Passau specialist vehicle company that remodelled the chassis, the transmission is a great help in negotiating tight passages. The new tram performs well in these difficult geographic conditions and in varying operating conditions such as rain, snow and storms.

“The Allison transmission provides a smooth, jerk-free ride, and the drivers are very satisfied. Without having to shift manually, they can fully concentrate on maneuvering,” said Huber.

“Our new visitor tram provides Warsteiner Brewery guests a very quiet and comfortable experience, due in part to the Allison brand automatic transmission,” said Reinhard Finger, the brewery workshop’s head of in-house vehicles.

The all-wheel drive function and 50-foot turn radius are also paying off at the Warsteiner Brewery.

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