Saturday, April 10, 2021

Alterface highlighting new attractions in China and Poland at Asian Attractions Expo


Alterface is exhibiting on booth #2532 at the Asian Attractions Expo (AAE 2018) from 6 to 8 June in Hong Kong. The fair draws over 8,000 amusement and attractions industry professionals, and is organised by IAAPA, the International Association for Amusement Parks.

Alterface has been bringing legends alive in recent interactive rides at Qingdao Movie Metropolis in China and Legendia Park in Poland. The high-speed roller coaster at Qingdao Wanda features ancient Chinese legends and dragons, combining a thrill ride with advanced media-based shooting and interactivity. The Basilisk ride in Poland is inspired by an authentic Polish folklore, reviving a mythical monster. The ‘Bazyliszek’ has to be defeated by the players, using interactive Monster Hunter Guns in an amazing village and forest scenery. For both rides Alterface applied its latest interactivity technology, including video projection & mapping, show control management, gameplay and custom designed shooting devices.

Other existing rides with Alterface signature have meanwhile become almost legendary by their innovative approach when it comes to concept and interactivity. The Splashing UFO ride on the Rapid River in Yomiuri land, Tokyo, Japan, is a fun & floating ride in a noodle cup with interactive light buttons. Some rides have been so successful they are installed in multiple locations. Legoland Discovery Centre rides have opened in Shanghai and Shenyang, and 18 other locations around the world. The awarded Justice League attraction can be found now in seven Six Flags parks across the US.

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