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Alterface introduces compact portable device for interaction with media screens, scenery and animatronics


During AAE in Hong Kong, Alterface introduced NOMAD to the market. Alterface’s award-winning and patented pointing technology can be found in renown parks around the world. Based on this expertise, Alterface now developed a totally wireless interactive pointing and shooting device, boosting interactivity and enhancing immersive experiences. It allows customization from the very smallest up to the largest interactive device.

NOMAD stands for “New Optimized Mobile Action Device”, a compact and portable device that enables interaction with media screens, scenery and animatronics. Alterface aligns all this with its advanced technological infrastructure empowering the interactive ride or attraction. NOMAD is bringing a totally new level of game simplification and interaction. The new pointing and shooting devices are entirely wireless and can be miniaturized to the size of a magic wand, allowing for unsurpassed levels of personalization. Based on Alterface patented camera-based detection technology, NOMAD can be used by hundreds of visitors at the same time, enabling any type of action such as shooting, moving, circling, pointing, etc.

New dimension to interactive experiences NOMAD greatly simplifies the process of turning any attraction into an interactive venue, as it requires no specific infrastructure at the player side. No cumbersome encoding technology, no dependence on wireless networks, no power on vehicles! Players can embark the ride with their own NOMAD interactive device or can use one of them, tethered to the vehicle by just two power supply cables for loading the devices.

Shooting precision is millimetric and the system has been successfully tested to distances of up to 35 meters, in open air. Like all other devices designed by Alterface, it is based on infrared technology, totally safe for the players.

Benoit Cornet, Founder & CEO of Alterface, explains: “Over the last 17 years, Alterface has provided its technology to the biggest brands in the industry and our market leadership in interactive dark rides is undisputed. With this advanced technology development, we open up new opportunities in the interactive segment, from dark rides and interactive walkthroughs to entirely new creative attractions.”

In order to facilitate the implementation of this new mobile action technology, Alterface has been setting up a comprehensive creative department, assisting anyone interested to go interactive. Services include specialist advice, technology provision, media production, game play definition and storytelling. Alterface can be the driving force in developing a new attraction from A to Z, in close cooperation with its network of experienced partners.

NOMAD can be integrated in all existing and new Alterface ride systems, including its recently launched Erratic® Ride. This first non-linear mixed-media ride ever with dynamic scene changing, allows players to determine the sequence depending on their ranking and preferences. It is aimed at space conscious venues and represents a total solution for anyone who wants a true and immersive dark ride experience on a limited footprint, yet with high throughput.

“We are all very excited about NOMAD! This new and advanced wireless device will bring interactivity to a next level. It offers tremendous opportunities for any kind of attraction, adding dimension to the story and experience. NOMAD perfectly fits our vision and offering of non-linear rides, bringing more freedom and customization to visitors, and optimizing space in the parks.” concludes Benoit Cornet.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
Raised in San Diego on theme parks, zoos, and IMAX films, InPark's Senior Correspondent Joe Kleiman would expand his childhood loves into two decades as a projectionist and theater director within the giant screen industry. In addition to his work in commercial and museum operations, Joe has volunteered his time to animal husbandry at leading facilities in California and Texas and has played a leading management role for a number of performing arts companies. Joe previously served as News Editor and has remained a contributing author to InPark Magazine since 2011. HIs writing has also appeared in Sound & Communications, LF Examiner, Jim Hill Media, The Planetarian, Behind the Thrills, and MiceChat His blog, takes an unconventional look at the attractions industry. Follow on twitter @ThemesRenewed Joe lives in Sacramento, California with his wife, dog, and a ghost.

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